Made Basurian

And it’s fair to say that, I’m made to be a “Basurian” mostly by this party.

As an ordinary post-95 youth, born and raised in this Communist China, my first 22-years life was totally under the lies fabricated by the party. While, the thing is, I didn’t realize this at all, before I got a chance to leave; so did most “Chinese”.

Joan Chen in the Chinese talk show, saying: “all the right things are taught by the ones above”
Beijing Olympics in 2008: the Heyday of Communist China.
People gathering in a park of North China to sing “Red Songs”, glorifying their dearest party.
Soldiers holding guns, in the midnight of June 4th, 1989.
Burning of books and burying of scholars, one of the “greatest” achievements of Qin Shihuang, First Emperor of Empire China.
“Huji”, the “domestic passport” of Chinese.
Soldiers enter the house to slaughter the whole family of an official with second-thoughts.
Forever “Vicious” Enemy of Communist China: the US.

Therefore, the history of that land, falls into hopeless reincarnation, always repeating the circle of “unified empire-orders degradation-whole collapse-new orders input-unified empire”.

It’s unfair to accuse how evil this Communist China is, for the truth is that the evil nature of Empire China never fades, so does the miserable destiny of the slaves called “Chinese”. Surely, it makes some evolution on the slavery system, from the bad part of communism/socialism (for example, the public ownership, which is against human nature and turns into the ownership of the ones in power), also from the fast-developing high-tech like AI surveillance and censorship. But the core of unified China as an empire remains the same.

Communist China, a surveillance state.

“Chinese nation” is a fake nation forced together by different masters, a lie made up by dictators to enslave all others.

“Chinese” is the synonym of “slaves”, a collective of those who forgot their true histories and identities.

“China” is a slavery empire under the cover of a modern country.

Whoever conquers this land become the masters of “Chinese”, then deteriorate into “Chinese”; whoever handles the pen to definite the lie of “Chinese nation” obtain the absolute power, then drawn to death by this lie.

And we’re all witnessing this happening, now, the inexorable death of Communist China, another death of Empire China.

Map of “China” in Spring and Autumn Period, before unified Empire China, when “Ba” and ‘’Su”, our ancestors’ countries still existed and the great philosophers lived.
An illustration from “The True Story of Ah-Q”.
What is a true nation, a citizen society.

Free world is individualized but also united, while “China” is unified but indeed disintegrated.

It’s another perfect metaphor of the eternal justice of God.

My Hometown Chungking in Fog.
“In the tender compassion of our God
the dawn from on high shall break upon us,
to shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death,
and to guide our feet into the way of peace” (Luke: 1:78–79)
Sichuan Basin with Haze, my homeland right at the east of Tibet.

Beneath God, we have no masters.

Thus, we’re free.

May light come to my beloved homeland, that’s the essence of “Basuria”.



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Love Basuria & Against CCP(Chinese Communist Party)