This Empire must Fall Apart— Liao Yiwu

The cover of Bullets and Opium

Here, I myself, announce the Death of this Empire. As the Killer of its own Children, it must Fall Apart.

This is a tradition of ancient China.

In the name of the Unification, there are countless bloody Slaughter in Chinese history.

The most famous example is Qin Shihuang, who spent his whole life conquering all other countries and established the first centralized empire --- Qin Dynasty. It is said that the population at that time was sharply reduced by two-thirds after his conquer.

The Land Reform Campaigns.

The fundamental means of consolidating the party’s power is killing, which is unspoken but clear to every leader from Mao Zedong to Deng Xiaoping.(Now Xi Jinping also)

In so-called “Great Famine” from 1959 to 1962, nearly 40 million people died of starvation all over the country. While this “famine” occurred only because of Mao’s fear of political division and the loss of his own power. That was not a “famine”, but a disaster manufactured deliberately in the “Great Leap Forward Campaign” during 1950s.

“There is no worse disaster than ‘nation division and the death of the party’. ” This is the forever reminder from Mao. So that, it doesn’t matter if the people live in dire straits.

The similar teaching also came from Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Ceausescu, Kim Jong-il, Saddam Hussein and Kazambier, all the tyrants in the world. “United Country, Integrated Territory” is always the ultimate Trump Card of a dictatorship. Under this cover, numerous evil deeds become publicly accepted.

The rise and fall of a country, the unification and division of a territory, are just some chapters in the history books. While the inheritance of the truth runs throughout.

This kind of long-lasting recording habits, exist like the little baby in the story of Chuang Tzu, abandoned in the ruins with sorrow crying, when a country is about to break, when Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping are conducting their slaughters. This baby needs inheritors like “Hermit Lin Hui”, who’re willing to give up their own interests and pick it up, take it away from the hunting, and patiently bread it, sharpen its mind, until one day it is able to record what happened and pass down this habit in the dark.

When an empire goes to the point of slaughtering the children and obliterating the truth, it should be the ending of that empire.

While the sophisticated evildoer Deng Xiaoping proposed the strategy that tightening the politics while loosening the markets, to rescue the party, on his trip from Beijing to Shenzhen in the spring of 1992.

However, since that night its own people were killed twenty-three years ago, the destiny of this empire has been written down, that it must Fall Apart.

The list of the victims in Tiananmen Massacre, headed by nine-year-old Lv Peng, is becoming an epochal parable in human history, due to the persistent efforts of the Tiananmen Mothers led by Ding Zilin.

Who wants to be such an idiot brainwashed by the killers’ economic strategy, named as “Chinese”?

In China, everyone is used to saying that, I’m from Sichuan, I’m from Shaanxi, I’m from Guangdong, and I’m from Beijing. Just like in Berlin, people are saying that, I’m American, I’m German, I’m Tibetan, I’m Romanian.

I said, is your idea a betrayal of the country (in Chinese, we use the phrase “selling the country”)? He answered, how much is the weight of a country? How can I sell it?

In ancient times, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Taiwan were all exotic regions. Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty marrying to Tubo (ancient Tibetan Empire), was just the same sensation with goodwill as a woman from Shanghai marrying to America in the era of ROC.

The possible map of East Asia after China Falling Apart.

This anti-human bloody empire, the source of all the disaster on this earth, the infinitely expanding landfill, must Fall Apart.

In order to prevent children from death in vain, this empire must Fall Apart.

For the peace and tranquility of all mankind, this empire must Fall Apart.

At last, I want to sing a song I wrote for the victims and survivors of the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989.

Tiananmen Mothers



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