Thoughts in midnight

5 min readJul 17, 2020


One year ago when traveling in Germany, I felt so depressed and also excited, in one night, that I could barely sleep. Many thoughts were flowing in my minds, and I tried to record them. And this is it.

At that time, I was desperately longing for a chance to speak out, shout to the world that I’m not a Chinese, I don’t want to be Chinese at all! While I didn’t see any opportunities then. So I tried to create something for my own, from my own, and I did it, trembling and tearing, for fear and also for joy, at the first time.

Now, in this year, many things happened and are happening, on my life and all around the world. I still have many troubles and difficulties, like everyone. But fortunately, I gradually find some friends, and some ways.

Although I feel lost sometimes, I always remind myself that, what an honor for me, for us, to experience such an extraordinary and unpredictable history.

And, History is now in our hands. We are more than its witness, also creators. No matter what it will charge us, No matter what it turns out. No regrets.

1. If a country cannot promise its own people freedom as well as other basic human rights, its sovereignty is harmful and baseless, and the country itself should vanish. Not even mention a country who is always killing its own people like China, it should not exist since the very beginning.

2. This is my alone journey about freedom, but not a lonely one. I know many people like Hongkongers are fighting for their freedom right at this moment. However, if only considering so-called Chinese people, I may be the one among very few. This is also why we want new countries, as an ultimate solution to end the 2000 years centralized totalitarian since Qin Shihuang.

No longer be Chinese, no longer be slaves. Chinese don’t have and don’t want to have human rights, while we, as human beings, we desperately want that. If no one steps out before to say this, so start from me, hopefully then you, then tens, hundreds, thousands, to millions.

Fuck China, Screw Socialism/Communism, Basuria Independence (so does your countries), Restore our Freedom.

During my trip, my little “something”.

3. All I want is just freedom. The freedom to Think, to Express, to Choose, to Decide my own life, to Say NO to anyone (including the government, or the president), when I don’t feel good.

4. Freedom is never free, now it’s time for those remaining conscience and longing for freedom to fight against this (and any) anti-human system and totalitarian government, until we build up new countries truly belong to us.

5. Overthrowing CCP is just the first step for us to reshape the distorted mind of the so-called Chinese people and rebuild our own countries with the criterion of freedom and rule-of-law.

6. China is not a naturally-formed modern country like only others, but a forced-unified slavery empire since the First Emperor Qin Shihuang, till now the communist party. Otherwise, emperors don’t need to unify people’s mind by reforming their own culture and language dynasty by dynasty, afraid to be overthrown. So does nowadays the party. This is why there is no consistent royal family like the ones in UK or in Japan. Therefore, Chinese is not a true nation but rubbles who lost or are losing their own identities, and forgot or are forgetting their unique culture, after so many times exotic conquers. Also this is why CCP is doing all these horrible things on Tibetans and Uighurs. Because as newly-becoming slaves of this empire, they still remain part of their own identities, and it’s the mission for the master in this turn — — the party — — to transform their stubborn minds into a unified slave’s mind, just as any other typical Chinese, who are treated as livestock while genuinely glorify and defend their masters. And this transforming process, last for almost 2000 years, have been done to the ancestors of today’s submissive Chinese long time ago, through the similar bloody means used by the party now.

7. China should only become a geographic concept like Europe or Arab, but not a political entity. People all over this land are so different, they don’t share the same language, culture and tradition. They don’t belong to each other, nor trust each other, even not understand each other. So, who is a real nation? For example, the Tibetans, the Uighurs, the Hongkongers, who can united together spontaneously without be paid, but to pay.

8. Chinese characters are not the representing symbols of a single language, but a group of forced-mix-up languages which have totally different sources and developments. While unfortunately, they are now all considered as dialects of so-called Chinese Putonghua. In fact, today’s standard Chinese Putonghua, or Mandarin, is just the same routine of every new exotic empire during this 2000 years — — set up their own different pronunciation systems on these same characters, in order to solid their absolute control. If spelling so-called dialects in common alphabets, you will amazed by the huge differences between them, even just in two neighbouring regions. In short, there is no Chinese really existing in this world, and Chinese characters are just meaningless shell which can be filled in any language as what the rulers want.

9. Today’s China, the red dynasty in the name of Communism or Socialism, will undoubtedly split into several countries, just as the former Soviet Union. The questions are, how exhaustive the split results will be, and how bloody this split process will be.

10. The only problem of China is NO problem, if summarize all problems in one. Similarly, the only problem with so-called Chinese is their well-programmed mind without conscience.



5 a.m. 03.08.2019

“If not Me, WHO?

If not Now, WHEN?”

— Emma Watson.

It’s for feminism, also for everything, for everyone.

Especially for freedom.






Love Basuria & Against CCP(Chinese Communist Party)